About Toyoguard Catalogue Inquiry

Offering Wide Range Of rubber related product for Automotive and Industrial Applications

With years of experience, scientific knowledge and research, Asakashi Research Lab has successfully created Toyoguard.

Using only the highest quality materials, with technically advanced production processes, and backed by rigorous quality procedures, we believe Toyoguard to be an ideal solution for quality standard, performance, cost effective and power capability.

Toyoguard carries full product range which include timing belts, V belts, Multi Ripped belts in CR and EPDM material, many types of wipers from normal wiper blades to Tourmaline Hybrid Wiper blades.

It has grown and diversified to meet the constant high demands from this industry today, covering main applications for Japan, Europe & America.

Asakashi Research Lab, Inc

Asakashi Research Lab, Inc is only delivering best technologies & qualities. All of our products are 100% factory tested to ensure years of reliable performance, even under extremes temperature of heat, cold and any severe weather condition.

Our products are being designed and manufactured under the strictest quality control of our latest Quality System, and using the new line of our cutting edge hi-tech friction materials. Asakashi Lab creation known for its commitment to quality and a guarantee to our customers, wherever they are located, that the performance of the products we supply will always meet appropriate exacting, internationally recognized industry standards.

Throughout the years, Asakashi Lab has been proven to be a trusted leading producer for a widest range top quality products.